What’s New

Baked Goods:

We are pleased to offer gluten free toast and sandwich bread as well, baked goods from KD’s Gluten Free Bakery, Carpinteria. We offer KD’s deliciously moist Bundt Cakes; Pecan / Cinnamon, Chocolate / Walnut, and the ‘out-of-this-world’ Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Bread.

As a dessert to finish off your lunch meal, we offer bundt cake, a la mode…

Feel free to visit KD’s Gluten Free Bakery at kdsbakery.com.

Beer and Wine Offerings:

For breakfast, or just to catch up with a friend, we offer mimosas.

We now offer micro brewed beers from Island Brewing Company’s, Blonde Ale, Paradise Pale Ale, and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company’s Hoppy Poppy IPA, Hurricane Deck Double IPA.  They are a great accompaniment to our sandwich menu.

If you rather a lighter, robust healthy salad, we offer a simple yet flavorful chardonnay, or a full-bodied red blend.

Environmental Concerns:

Since acquiring ownership, we have recycled our cooking oil through Coastal Byproducts and all plastic, paper and other recyclable waste through E.J. Harrison. We have recently begun a new food waste service with EJ Harrison, in partnership with AGROMIN

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